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Cole Instruments - Medical & Surgical Tools

Welcome to the Cole Instruments website. Cole Instruments provides the highest quality custom-made surgical instruments on the market. Our products are designed by a hair restoration surgeon for hair restoration surgeons. The Cole Instruments line helps you provide your patients with the highest quality hair transplant results possible.


Is Your Physician using Cole Instruments?

Many hair restoration physicians around the globe use the surgical tools produced by Cole Instruments. It is important to choose a doctor who uses the most advanced and efficient tools available. Physicians who use Cole Instruments improve the quality, have greater efficiency, have more accuracy, and improve the overall yield of their surgical procedures. Sharper instruments also reduce the risk of follicle trauma.

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Cole Surgical Punches

Cole Instruments manufactures the highest quality surgical punches on the market. These punches are ideal for manual use or for use with a mechanical extractor.

Product Features:

  • Expanding internal diameter
  • Razor sharp cutting edge ideally situated to improve tissue cutting and reduce follicle trauma
  • Minimal resistance as the punch enters the tissue, and reduced friction
  • Long-life
  • Thin wall
  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes
  • Decreased operator forces reduce the risk of follicle transection. Special features result in a reduced external force and a lower reactive fluid motion of both follicle and skin.
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Our Customers Say

The CIT punches are without question the most superior FUE punches being produced today. The serrated internally sharpened edge virtually glides into the tissue with little pressure being required. Although I am very experienced in FUE these punches have further improved my graft quality, reduced my transection rate, increased my harvesting speed, and improved the healing of my donor sites.

Robert H. True, M.D , New York, NY

I thank you very much for your kind offer about mini PCID. You did an fantastic machine. It is amazing how much better it is than all the pre existing ones. It is of utmost quality , and allows so many options. I am very pleased to use this wonderful machine and I am sure I will now increase the number of FUE in my practice.

Patricia Cahuzac, Paris, France

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Joerg Hugeneck, MD is the medical director of the Moser Medical Group. Joerg perfoms surgical hair restoration since 1979 - with the Moser Medical Group. Our mature, experienced team has formulated…

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